Australian Made Packaging Packaging tape
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Company Profile

Australian Made Packaging, your Nationwide industry leading packaging supplier for almost 20 years. Based in Melbourne we pride ourselves on providing quality products, technical product knowledge and are committed to providing fast, efficient personalised customer service.

Established in 1990, Australian Made Packaging is a 100% Australian owned family business, specialising in a wide range of packaging requirements for a variety of industry needs. We supply all over Australia and as our name suggests, we proudly source as many of our products as possible from Australian owned and based companies.

We are distributors of high quality industrial packaging, such as:

  • Polythene films
  • Polythene bags
  • Timber wrap
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Pallet wrap
  • Strapping & equipment
Product List
Polythene Films
Stock Sizes
Custom Sizes
Colours & Additives
Polythene Bags
Stock Sizes
Custom Bags
Timber Wrap
Stock Sizes
Custom Sizes
Adhesive Tapes
Specialty Tapes
Bubble Wrap & Foam
Stock Sizes
Bubble Wrap Bags
Foam Products
Custom Printing
Pallet Wrap
Stock Sizes
Metal Dispensers
Pallet Wrapping    Machines
Strapping & Equipment
Poly Straps
Buckles & Seals
Courier Bags &
Mailing Products
Courier Bags
Bubble Protector Bags
Jiffy Paper Padded Bags