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Polythene Film Colours and Additives

A full range of colours can be supplied for polythene film including panda, black on one side white on the other. The following additives are also available:

  • Low Slip
  • High Slip
  • UV Stabilizer
Printed Polythene Films
"Make your packaging work - Advertise your company or product"

Australian Made Packaging caters for low cost inline printing to high definition flexographic printing. Typical examples of our customers printed products include:

  • Timber Packaging.
  • Pallet caps with handling instructions.
  • Pallet covers.
  • Polythene bags. Such as:
    • Nursery soil bags.
    • Boutique bags.
    • Asbestos removal bags.
    • Show Bags.
  • Polythene tubing.
  • General wrapping film.

"We will meet all your printing requirements!"

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